Issuing an RFQ can be done directly from the dashboard. Select 'Issue an RFQ' button.

Define Parts

Adding a current part

Anvyl will provide the ability to select pre-existing parts or define a new part. There's no need to add any additional information.

Defining a new part

Defining a new part includes adding a 'part name', an optional part number, and designs/specifications. Check out our article on defining new parts.


This will bring you to the first of the 'Issue RFQ' pages. This page will allow you to select the quantity, estimated volumes, and any additional notes.

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Target Ship Date

Adding a target ship date, as well as a target unit price, will help suppliers understand your demands and can provide the most accurate and competitive price.

Along with your onboarding call, this is the required information for issuing the RFQ. Once you have submitted the information to Anvyl you are all set. Check back for quotes from suppliers. 

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