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We recommend including as many details as you can when submitting a new project through Anvyl, so you can spend less time going back and forth over the details and more time focusing on the big priorities of your manufacturing. 

Many companies will use CAD drawings or other design collateral created by their packaging engineers. However, for those of us with a bit more flexibility or a more lean staff, there are other ways to educate and steer suppliers to ensure that you're building the product you want at the best quality and in the best time possible. 

When submitting a new product for quotation with Anvyl's supplier base, consider the following details: 

  • Type of Materials
  • Product Finishing and / or color decoration
  • Size (Size is overall dimensions or magnitude: often measured in centimeters, feet, or inches. Size measurements for 3d objects often include the height, width, and depth of an object.)
  • Dimensions (including height and width)
  • Volume (Volume measures how much a vessel can hold: usually measured in fluid oz or Liters/Milliliters.) 
  • Any labels needed
  • Estimated and projected volume numbers
  • Generic or custom tooling?
  • How much would you want to pay? 

If you have a general idea on the product you'd like to create, but want help refining the nitty-gritty, use our assisted RFQ creator. 

The most common unknown in the above lis is the type of Materials. If you'd prefer to have some leadership in what material works best for your product, simply make a note of it with what your big priorities are: do you need BPA plastic? Are you ok with a thinner option of plastic/which is cheaper? You can make notes right within the document you submit or on the final submission page of the RFQ. 

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