Adding a supplier to Anvyl allows you to manage your relationships inside of the platform. Once the supplier is added you will be able to use Anvyl to track the process of your order from Pre-Production until the PO is issued and the project has shipped.

The goal of this article is help you add a supplier tot he Anvyl platform.

Adding suppliers will allow your team to have a single point of reference for creating new orders, following up with current orders and better understand your supply chain completely.

To add a supplier you must first:

Log In

Once logged in you will select ‘Suppliers’ from the top bar, begin by following the ‘Add Supplier’ button.

This process will ask for the following information:

  1. The supplier's name
  2. The supplier's address
  3. Any relevant documents (like service level agreements, payment terms, etc)
  4. Any notes (these will be internal just to your organization- suppliers can't see them)
  5. Point of contact
  6. Specific Factories (along with capabilities)

Suppliers Name

This is the company name, not any specific factory. 

Supplier's Address

The address of your supplier, not any specific person or factory. Use as a source of truth for your entire team.

Supplier Documents

Anvyl will store and provide your team access to any relevant documents. Service level agreements, audit reports, etc.

Supplier Notes

Team-specific notes will only be visible to you and your team.

Add Contact

Current point of contact for this supplier.

Add Factory

Adding a factory for a supplier allows you and your team to understand suppliers specific manufacturing capabilities.

Save and Exit

Save current information. This is available to edit moving forward and will not be to only opportunity to add supplier information.

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