Adding parts allows easy access across the team to all relevant information (design files, technical specifications, product information, order history), all in a single place.

Adding a part will take the follow steps to complete.

  1. Identify the component
  2. Add design and specification documents.
  3. Add component parts (optional)
  4. Link a supplier (optional)

Once the part is added, you will be able to:

Issue RFQ
View Part / View All Parts

Create Part

From the top of the dashboard, select 'Parts' page. Then select  'Create Part' in the upper right corner.

Adding Single Part and Component Part

Single Part

Adding a single part is effectively adding something that does not require additional components or assembly to function. A shampoo requires a top, an atomizer requires a pump, etc.

Component Part

Adding additional component parts makes it clear to suppliers that execution on this assembly requires the component part as well.

Once the parts and component parts have been added you can save and exit. These parts are now available in the 'Parts' section on Anvyl.*

The part page will begin to compile the history of the part across orders, files, and suppliers. The ability to add and categorize files allows for further sorting to establish relevant information.  

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