Creating an order on Anvyl allows a record of upcoming drafted orders which need to be issued, or the ability to pursue issuing Purchase Order immediately after creating the order.


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Issuing an order will take the follow steps to complete.

  1. Select the part required for this order
  2. Select the supplier from your directory
  3. Enter order details

Create Order

Select 'Orders' from the task bar or simple 'Add an Order' from the Dashboard.

Creating an order requires three pieces of information: a part, a supplier, and order details (quantity and ship-date).

Select a part

Select a part from the part library.


Select the supplier who will be fulfilling this order.

Order Details

Complete the requested fields for quantity, price, schedule and an optional personal PO number. The unit price should be pulled directly from the quote from the supplier. Include the ship date as this will work into tracking the order and setting up the accountability with the supplier.

Hit save and the drafted order detail page will be presented. 

Finalizing the order & issuing a PO

Once the order has been drafted, the order detail page is created. The next and final mandatory step prior to issuing a Purchase Order is assigning a point of contact on the supplier side.

Select one of the blue pen options in either left or right columns to 'Edit' the fields.

Once edit has been selected, the software will signify critical to complete details. Contact details can be pulled directly from a supplier that has already been created. Alternatively, you can create a new contact from that page to send the emails to.
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Now that the order has been entered, the contact information has been attached you are now ready to issue the PO.

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