When an order's ship-date is within 7 days, an auto-generated email will be sent to the supplier contact requesting confirmation of the ship-date.  

Confirming a ship-date can occur directly from the autogenerated email, or by logging in to the Anvyl platform. 

Directly from the confirmation email

Once an order's planned ship date is within 7 days, Anvyl will send an email requesting a confirmation that the ship date is accurate. 

Click the prompt to "Confirm on Anvyl.' Anvyl's software will open in a new tab, from which the prompt will be the first display. 

If log in is first required, the following page after logging in will include the prompt. 

From the Anvyl platform:  

Go to the orders page and select an order within 7 days of the ship-date. Orders requiring confirmation will be yellow with at the associated milestone. Click Review & Confirm and complete the requested fields.

Once the confirmation is adjusted, an email will automatically be sent to the Brand informing them of an update.

Recommended documents to upload to confirm the shipment: 

  • Production Photo
  • Packing list
  • Outgoing inspection report
  • Container load plan
  • Balance invoice if applicable

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