Submitting an RFQ (request for quotation) to Anvyl's supplier network is an easy 3-step process. Insuring that accurate quotes can be submitted quickly is largely dependent on providing thorough and accurate materials for the suppliers. 

Checklist of items to provide when submitting an RFQ: 

  • Photos/samples to send to supplier
  • Estimated MOQs (please note our suppliers operate at 10k minimum order runs)
  • Estimated annual quantities
  • Technical drawings (cad files)
  • Preference for stock or custom solution
  • Artwork (.ai files w/ romance copy, company logo, volume etc.)
  • Type of material
  • Product finishing and/or color decoration
  • Dimensions (Including height, width, depth)
  • Volume (for liquid, e.g. fluid oz or liters/milliliters)
  • (Optional) Current product costs or preferred cost
  • Preference where the product is manufactured (Country/Region)

If any of the above (like materials or the weight) is missing, feel free to use our assisted RFQ creation form, linked below: 

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