Anvyl identifies 4 key stages as production milestones, however, each product and supply chain can require a custom flow for updates. To ensure clarity across Brands and Suppliers, add specific types of documents during each stage.  

For any production milestone confirmation prompt, the ability to add files coincides with the confirmation. 

Production milestones are recorded within the orders detail page. 

Alternatively, you are always able to provide files within the orders detail page underneath the "Files" tab. 

Listed below is a guide of recommended materials to include in each production stage.

Order Drafted

  • Timeline from suppliers including Artwork due date, PO due date, Production Start Date, Production End Date
  • Sampling tracking numbers

Purchase Order Confirmation

  • Invoice
  • Finalized specification drawing
  • Updated production and ship dates
  • Wire transfer confirmation
  • Golden sample tracking numbers

Production - Ready to Begin

  • Photos of machines
  • First Article Inspect (FAI) documentation (PDF, Doc)
  • Golden Sample
  • Quality packaging requirement
  • Confirmation of raw material receipt 
  • Locked time on the production schedule

Production - During

  • Production Data (i.e. yield rates by day)
  • Photo/video of production steps
  • Quality certification reports

Ship Date Confirmation

  • Production photos
  • Packing list
  • Outgoing inspection report
  • Container Load Plan
  • Balance invoice (if applicable)

Order Shipped Confirmation

  • Bill of Lading
  • Shipping summary
  • Pallet photo
  • Certificate of compliance

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