Ordering becomes more intuitive across the team when MOQs (minimum order quantities) and lead-times are easily accessible for each part.

Linking a part to a supplier can be done from the part page, or the supplier page.

Add a supplier from the part detail page

Select the 'Parts' tab to view the full parts library. From here, select a specific part that needs to be linked to an already existing supplier. Once the part is selected, go to the second tab 'Suppliers Linked.' To add a new supplier, select the 'Link New Supplier' button in the top right hand corner.

If you'd like to edit or add information from an already linked supplier, hit 'Add details for this relationship' which is in-line with the supplier name.

Add a part from the supplier detail page

Connecting a part and a supplier can also be done from the supplier tab. Select 'Suppliers' from the top header. Once on the supplier list, select a specific supplier.

Once the supplier is selected, choose the second tab, 'Parts Linked'. To link a pre-existing part from your library, select the 'Link New Part' button from the top right hand corner.

Please note: Suppliers don't currently have the ability to upload their MOQs/lead-times from their Anvyl account. Therefore, the onus to add MOQs and lead-times is on the Brand's side. 

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