To connect a Flexport account to the Anvyl platform the account-specific API key from Flexport is required. This article from Flexport gives step by step instructions to find the API key within a Flexport account.

Once the API key is discovered, copy that number or save it. Next, open and sign in to Anvyl. Select the 'Account' tab from the dropdown next to your name in the top right corner. 

From the account page, select the final tab 'API Integrations.' Next, select the blue 'ADD API KEY'. Choose 'Flexport' from the drop-down menu and enter the collected Flexport API key.

Once the API key is added, orders which are connected to Flexport for shipping will pull in high-level details from that Flexport account.  

On the Orders page in Anvyl, orders being shipped with Flexport will be marked with the an icon beyond the final shipping column.

To see more details, click the order to open the order detail page.  When the shipped milestone is confirmed,  the left-hand column will be replaced with relevant shipping information from the associated Flexport account.

To see more details or view the Flexport comments, click the blue link to fully open Flexport in a new tab. 

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