Confirming an order has shipped and officially left the factory is the final milestone in the production process. Like the other 3 production milestones, an email to the supplier contact will be auto-generated requesting confirmation the day after the entered ship date.  

Confirming an order shipped

Select the 'Orders' tab from the top bar.

Additionally to the email remind, the ability to confirm the product has shipped will also be listed as an action item on the Anvyl dashboard and listed underneath the orders page. 

Select the order which needs an update. 

Once selected the platform will allow you to 'Update Status' from the center of the screen. Select this option and prepare to fill out the following prompts.

Although the attachments and notes are optional, we highly recommend adding pertinent details to these fields for both the internal team and customer  fields should contain the final documentation for production. This includes adding the final invoice and breakdown of product made. 


Attach the invoice.  The final invoice should contain the total unit prices, unit amounts, and total cost.


These notes will be visible to the brand and should contain the final shipped confirmation notes:

  • Total invoice amount
  • Total quantity produced
  • Per part cost

Click 'Save.' 

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