When accepting a new PO (purchase order) from a customer, a production start date is requested. Once the production start date is entered, an auto-generated email will be sent that same date to confirm production has indeed begun.

The ability to confirm production start dates will also be listed as an action item on the Anvyl dashboard and listed underneath the orders page. 

Select the order which needs an update. 

Whether confirming or changing the production start date, once the prompt is saved, the brand will receive an automatic email and the record of the answer will be saved on the order detail page. 

Confirming Production Start Date

Confirming that production has kicked off requires merely a checkbox of 'Yes.' Notes and attachments are optional but recommended for ultimate clarity. 

Scroll down and hit 'Save.'

Rejecting Production Start Date

If production will not be starting on the originally agreed upon date, hitting 'NO' allows a drop-down calendar to select a new date for the production start. 

When the milestone is rejected, a new production must be selected. A reason for the delay in production must also be included.

Once the updated production date and the notes have been added, click 'Save.'

The order will be updated with the new production date and visible inside of the orders tab.

The ability to change the production start date is accessed by clicking the blue pen "edit" icon next to the date.

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