When a customer issues a new purchase order, an email will be autogenerated to the associated supplier contact which includes a PDF of the purchase order along with a prompt to confirm the order.  

Simply click the prompt provided directly in your email and review the purchase order.

Alternatively, any prompts to confirm new orders will also be listed directly in Anvyl under the dashboard or orders page. 

Follow the prompts instructions to confirm or reject the purchase order.

Whether confirming or rejecting a purchase order, once the prompt is saved, the brand will receive an automatic email and the record of the answer will be saved on the order detail page. 

Confirming Purchase Orders

When confirming the receipt and intent to execute on a new order, select 'Yes, and the production start date is' then select the production start date from the drop-down calendar.  

Adding invoices or other outstanding files to the confirmation allows for easy sharing and notification with the brand.

Rejecting the Purchase Order

If an order needs to be rejected for whatever reason (most commonly surrounding the ship dates or the dollar amount), simply select 'No" and provide a reason in the text. 

The ability to review & confirm the PO after rejection will always be available. When the Brand amends the PO, a new email requesting acceptance will be sent.

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